Corporate History

Background of the dawn of the Japanese glass industry
1873 Daijō-daijin (Prime Minister)Sanetomi Sanjo vassal Sanshinosuke Murai and Masatsune Niwa established Kogyosha on the banks of the Meguro River in Shinagawa,Tokyo, and tried to manufacture flat glass but gave up
1876 The Ministry of Public Works purchased the entire factory of Kogyosha. and made it the Shinagawa Glass Factory under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Works.
1883 Since the government-run business is not suitable for active management, the policy is to lend the entire factory to the private sector.
1884 Katsuzo Nishimura and Masakuni Inaba start the business by borrowing all the factories and equipment of the government-run Shinagawa Glass Works.
1900 Takijiro Iwaki took over Shinagawa Glass's factory and tried to manufacture flat glass, but it was unsuccessful and closed the following year in 1901.
1907 Toshiya Iwasaki founded Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. in Amagasaki
Iwaki Glass Co. Ltd. history
1883 Established by the late Takijiro Iwaki, and started operations as Japan’s first privately owned western glass manufacturer
1932 Began research on the Part-de-Veil technique and succeeded in developing it for the first time in Japan.
Sotoichi Koshiba, Yuzo Shimizu and Yuhei Ogawa worked as artists at the Iwaki Glass Crafts Department.
1937 Iwaki Glass Co., Ltd. was established with a capital of 400,000 yen.
1952 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. made capital investment.
1964 Corning Glass Works Corporation of the United States, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. and Iwaki Glass Co. Ltd. signed an agreement related to the acquisition of shares and technical support for the manufacture of borosilicate glass.
1965 Corning Glass Works made capital investment.
1966 A new manufacturing plant was built in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture and began production of glass for sealed beam lamps.
Production of Pyrex® glass products began
1988 Stock was listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Capital was increased to 6.78 billion yen.
Toshiba Glass Co. Ltd. history
1902 Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Toshiba) borrowed this factory and opened the Shinagawa Glass Factory,which produced and produced bulb bulbs until 1890.
This is the beginning of Toshiba Glass Business (Toshiba Glass roots)
1902 Closed Shinagawa Glass Factory and opened FukagawaFactory to increase production of bulb bulbs in earnest
1927 Started mass production of tubes with Danner machine at Oi factory.
1939 Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Shibaura Seisakusho Co., Ltd. merge to establish Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
1942 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. constructed OigawaFactory (current ATG Head Office Factory)
1950 Toshiba's glass business was divided by the law of deconcentration. Teikoku Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka),Showa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Niigata), Tokyo Electric Glass Co., Ltd., Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Glass Division Company
1959 Renamed Teikoku Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. as Toshiba Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1961 Changed the name of Tokyo Electric Glass Co., Ltd. to Toshiba Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
1978 Established Toshiba Glass Co., Ltd. through integration of Toshiba Group glass companies

Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. has started the trial production of bulb bulbs by renting a factory in Shinagawa Glass, which was inherited by Iwaki Glass founder Takijiro Iwaki. This is the beginning of Toshiba Glass.
Iwaki Glass and Toshiba Glass,, which have supported the period from the dawn of Japan's glass industry to the period of high economic growth, have merged about 100 years after their founding, and have continued to move to new growth in the 21st century.

AGC Techno Glass Co., Ltd. history
1999 Merged with Toshiba Glass Co., Ltd. and changed company name to Asahi Techno Glass Corporation.
2005 By exchanging the stocks, it became a wholly-owned company of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. Delisted from the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2007 Changed company name to AGC Techno Glass Co., Ltd.
2013 Merged wholly-owned subsidiary, IWAKI Houseware Co.,Ltd.